How to celebrate halloween in uk 2018-2019

How to celebrate halloween in uk 2018-2019

How to celebrate halloween in uk 2018-2019
How to celebrate halloween in uk 2018-2019

How to celebrate halloween in uk 2018-2019 when did Halloween festival starts in uk United Kingdom or in the whole world Halloween arrives on October 31 of each year. If you want to celebrate, you have many options. You can organize a party with friends and family, decorate the house with themed decorations or participate in events that take place in your locality. Have fun and enjoy this holiday with friends and family. With a little preparation and planning, you can enjoy a fun and festive Halloween with your loved ones.

Ask all the guests to wear a costume: Part of the fun of Halloween is in dressing up. If you are going to organize a party, invite all your guests to attend in disguise. If you want, you can even organize a contest with different prizes, such as "the most terrifying costume", "the funniest costume" and any other category that you can think of.

▪ You can choose a specific idea and have the guests attend with themed costumes. For example, try giving a party about science fiction or about Dracula.

▪ Remember that not everyone likes to dress up. If the guests do not want to wear a costume, do not pressure them to do so.

Play to bite the apple: Biting the apple is a classic game very typical of Halloween in which many guests will love to participate. You just have to place a few apples in a bucket full of water and have the guests try to take them out with their mouths. This activity can be fun if you want to organize a party more cheerful than terrifying.

Watch horror movies: If you want, you can put movies at your party. Choose the horror films that you like the most and that are suitable for the season, such as "The Exorcist", "The Sixth Sense" or other options, such as the "Halloween" saga.

▪ If you serve alcohol at your party, organize a game in which guests have to drink for various reasons. For example: "Drink every time someone yells". However, you should make sure to drink alcohol responsibly and stop doing so if you start to feel dizzy or feel disoriented.

Serves special Halloween punch: Make a terrifying punch by mixing dark drinks, such as blackberry juice or dark red sodas, to create a blood-like punch. You can also make false eyeballs by introducing blackberries in lychees to add them to the punch, so that they remain floating on the surface.

▪ If you serve alcohol at your party, consider adding some liquor, such as vodka or rum, to the punch. You just have to make sure that the guests drink responsibly.

Offer Halloween treats: There is a wide variety of gifts that you can offer your guests on the occasion of the event. You can offer the classic sweets that are distributed among children who go out to do trick or treat, like small chocolates. You can also try making your own sweets in the oven. For example, make cookies in the shape of pumpkins or cats, and glaséalas with an orange and black coverage.

▪ Make sure you offer healthy snacks, such as fruits and vegetables, for the guests who are most concerned about their health.

Get the children out to do trick or treat during the night: If you live in a residential area, you will probably receive visits to order sweets throughout the night. Have a bowl of candy prepared and give a few pieces to anyone who knocks on your door.

▪ If you have pets, it is advisable to leave them in a safe place, such as a cage or the backyard, before the visitors arrive to ask for sweets.

Carve pumpkins: You can buy pumpkins at the supermarket when Halloween approaches. Cut the top to open, extract the seeds and pulp inside, and carve the bark creating faces or funny figures. Place a candle in the bottom of the pumpkin and light it to create a luminous and chilling pumpkin.

▪ If you carve pumpkins with your children, do not let them handle the knives. The best thing is that they are responsible for drawing the faces on the pumpkins and that you cut them later.

Prepare a ghost-shaped table for sweets: Grab a large glass or plastic bowl and place it on an auxiliary table. Place a white sheet over the bowl and then fill the inside with sweets. The sheet will fall down around the bowl and over the table. Cut out three pieces of felt or other similar material with the shape of the eyes and mouth to attach them to the sheet with safety pins or pins, so that it looks like a ghost.

Decorate a door as if it were a mummy: A simple way to decorate is to make a door look like a mummy. You just have to wrap the door in toilet paper or strips of white pinecone paper. Then, make two cardboard eyes and stick them on the door to make it look like a mummy.

Decorate with balloons with ghost shape: Inflate a balloon and then place it inside a white garbage bag. Twist the edges of the bag around the end of the balloon and secure them with a rubber band. Use a pen to draw the eyes and mouth on the balloon, creating a terrifying ornament very suitable for Halloween.