How to celebrate ramadan in 2019

How to celebrate ramadan in 2019 

How to celebrate ramadan in 2019
How to celebrate Ramadan in 2019

How to celebrate ramadan in 2019 Celebrating Ramadan in overseas can sometimes be very difficult. Life is lonely and stress is easy to approach. Therefore, make your Ramadan this year more alive.

Go to the masjid: Although far away, you still have to go. You may meet new friends. In addition, the mosque provides food for breaking the fast, also dinner and dessert. You do not have to worry about having to cook for a whole month!

Salat: These five letters mean very large. Prayer helps you to gain virtue. Prayer is also helpful because God answers sincere prayers from the heart. Remember that an open heart leads to an open mind, especially if you remember God in your heart and mind. Read the Qur'an with its interpretation. Reading the Qur'an is deeply mendam.

Learn about new recipes: After a day of fasting, your family will expect good food. They also want the same thing to eat dawn. Your family will feel good, and God will bestow blessings on you for making them happy with good intentions.
▪Learn to make Falooda Kulfi. ▪Learn to make Baba Ghanoush. ▪Learn to create Halwa Castle. ▪Learn to make mini pizza. ▪Learn to make Adana Kebab.

Stay away from bad deeds: All your efforts will be in vain if you keep doing bad deeds.

Read some traditions about Ramadan: You will know what Ramadan means (the Qur'an also provides detailed explanations). You will also gain wisdom when reading the hadith.

Take out zakat: Zakat will make you feel good! In addition, zakat is an obligation. Remember that after you give zakat and alms, you can not get it back. That is why you must have good intentions before doing good deeds.You must behave according to the five pillars of Islam.

Prayer is the key to heaven.
Ask God for forgiveness with an open heart when you sin.Ramadan is one of the holiest months of the Islamic year. Take advantage of this blessed month by asking for forgiveness. There is a greater possibility that you will be forgiven.On the 27th day when God determines the course of the world for the next year, forgive and cleanse your soul or pray for a full year of God's blessing Hold an iftar with all your Muslim friends and family members. Make sure you plan this event first.More reading the holy book of the Qur'an because in this month, the reward is bigger.